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art found me...

I took Art in high school but it never stuck. I dabbled with watercolors a few years ago but that didn't float my boat either. Recently though, my friend Joey Silvia gifted me an art magazine subscription and shortly after that Katie from The Parkway Bar said I could be in her art show and boom, I'm an aritst.

I began this endeavor on St. Patrick’s day while on a getaway with Jonny and the dogs. We visited my parents for a few days and I painted in between card games and hot tub soaks. I gathered old washers, chicken wire and burlap from dad’s tool shed and borrowed a stencil from mom to help my mixed media pieces feel “like home”. I had four done when we headed home, it was Wednesday March 19th.

The morning of the 20th I awoke to the news that my dad was in the hospital, he’d had a stroke. I jumped in the car and headed back up to the high desert. The next week was a numb blur of hospital visits, phone calls and lots of waiting. I had never unpacked my paints so I pulled them out and was able to escape, now and then, into colors and textures and positive thoughts.

I only completed a few during that time but once I arrived back home the flood gates opened. It was like I was possessed, I couldn’t stop. Painting these pieces seemed to be connecting me with my family. I busied my mind with random patterns, shapes and splashes instead of being anxious over how my mom was feeling, if dad was coming home soon, etc. After dad was released and back home it continued, the colors brightened but the designs became harder. It wasn’t coming as easy and the outcomes weren’t as cool. I began painting over finished pieces, still not satisfied. Finally on April 8th I realized, it was over, I was done.

That series was called hArt in honor of my dad, Hartley Beeks, who is doing GREAT, by the way. It was shown for the first time on April 12th 2015 at The Parkway Bar. I sold 9 pieces and was HOOKED.  Thanks to all the folks who purchased a piece and for everyone interested enough to take a look. 

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