Cathryn Beeks Discography

My collection of music and memories. Making music has been one of the things I love most about living and I look forward to where it takes me next. 

Cathryn Beeks 2019

A solo project from Cathryn Beeks coming in October of 2019. 20 YEARS HERE is a 7 song EP produced by Jeff Berkley featuring Jeff on guitar, Rick Nash on bass and Josh Hermsmeier on drums. The 7 songs will only be available on the "time capsule" USB stick which will also include Cathryn's entire musical catalog (Calamity not included) and various Listen Local Radio memorabilia including 2 cookbooks and a calendar. This entire collection is just $40 and your purchase comes with a 6 month subscription of The Listen Local Show. Get yours now!

The Ordeal's final collection 2017

CalAmity 2016


Wishing Rock SOUNDTRACK 2011

The Ordeal 2009

The Ordeal 2006

"Cathryn Beeks has been a tireless supporter of everybody else's art. Now, it's her turn and for my money, The Ordeal knocks it out of the park. Give a listen." Dave Good - The Reader

Ghandi Method 2004

8ball Rack 2002

JunkQueen 1998

Matt Silvia and Cathryn Beeks 2011